Trilicium is an information systems consulting company, in business since 1982. Trilicium provides information systems and library automation consulting, database management, technical writing, contract cataloguing, and indexing services.

Trlicium has been responsible for the review, selection and installation of many automated systems. It has been directly responsible for all aspects of database management, including system and product development, documentation and training. The principals have served as technical consultants on data standards in order to ensure successful system and data migration. Many of the projects have required the use of our strong background in analysis and design techniques, supervisory and organizational skills, and our versatility in adapting to different working environments.

What we do

You are a client who has information in a number of forms : in-house reports, books, technical manuals, tapes, files, disks, audio tapes, video tapes etc. You want to be able to organise it, search it, share it, control its movements and discard it when it's no longer useful.

We help you determine the best way to manage your data and provide customised solutions.

Systems Experience

Recent Projects

Canada Council

Canadian Council for International Co-operation

Canadian Global Change Program of the Royal Society of Canada

Canadian Medical Association

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Health and Welfare Canada

Industry, Science and Technology Canada

Justice Canada

Privy Council Office

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

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