UPG_BUF Serial Line Buffer

The UPG_BUF product is a small serial line buffer specifically designed to correct some speed issues that arise when using the UPG_STEP upgrade kit with a modern desktop PC.

Some of the stepper's original peripheral devices communicate over a standard RS-232 serial link. These devices work fine with the original, slower DEC Micro-11 serial ports but may experience problems connected to the modern, high speed buffered serial port of a desktop PC using one of our stepper upgrade kits (e.g. UPG_STEP). The UPG_BUF will moderate and buffer the serial communication from the PC to the device and correct the problem. The stepper peripheral devices which typically need this product are:

  • AWH - Automatic Wafer Handler
  • RRS - Reticle Rotator System
  • IAS - Integrated Alignment System
  • ACS - Atmospheric Compensation System

UPG_BUF Serial Buffer
UPG_BUF Serial Buffer

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