TAPFILE PG3600 Job Queue Creation software for Windows

This software is intended to simplify the creation of data files compatible with H&L Associates' UPG3600 upgrade kit for the GCA/D.W. Mann 3600 pattern generators. These data files usually have a '.TAP' extension and represent the emulation of a physical 9-track magnetic tape that was originally used on the equipment.

In the original pattern generator software, the user would start with a magnetic tape containing one or more files of exposure data with each file representing all the exposures to be made on a reticle. The user would typically then do following :

  • run the 'MODE' command to define the format of the exposure data, the units assumed by the data (millimeters or inches), the kind of exposures to make and whether an automatic plate changer was to be used
  • run the 'SETUP' command to specify shutter time or flash intensity, data transformation operations (scaling, mirroring etc.) to be applied to the data and any optional items to be added to the reticle (fiducial marks, labels etc.). A data file was selected, the settings defined by 'SETUP' were applied to the data file and the combination of the two (called a 'job') was entered into a job queue. The job queue might contain up to 30 jobs, with the user able to adjust the order and the number of jobs.
  • run the 'RUNQ' command to start exposing the data stored in the job queue, one job at a time in the order specified.

For the purposes of this software, the result of running 'SETUP' is referred to as a 'recipe'. With this software, the user can accomplish the following:

  • create a library of recipes to be used in the production of reticles
  • organize the recipes
  • easily create job queues which attach recipes (SETUP parameters) to exposure data files
  • create .TAP files which are directly compatible with the UPG3600 upgrade kit
  • import existing TAP files and extract the recipes and the exposure data files
  • save or restore all recipe and exposure data files to/from project files
  • all recipes and projects can be saved as XML format files

Sample Screens

Job Queue Creation
Job queue creation
TAP File Import
TAP file import screen

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