Stepper Job Creation

March 1, 2009

Sample user screens

Sample screen 1 image Sample screen 2 image Sample screen 3 image

The on-line GCA stepper job creation software is complete. A tutorial demonstration is available in the following formats:

This job creation software provides the following benefits:

  • access is secure and encrypted through a standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • A standard web based GUI is used instead of the text based question/response format of the original equipment
  • Jobs can be created off-line, wherever there is internet access, using any popular internet browser
  • Job creation does not require entering a clean room facility and sitting in front of the actual stepper
  • Jobs can be uploaded to the stepper using a remote network connection or carried in on some portable media (flash drive,floppy)
  • Owners of GCA steppers can offer fabrication services to customers without the customer actually having to visit the owner's site
  • Subscribers can create an unlimited number of jobs on each account

If you would like access to the demonstration account in order to try out the software then and we will send you the necessary login information.

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