Pattern Generator Upgrade Kits

D.W.Mann/GCA manufactured a number of pattern generators (1600A, 2600, 3000, 3600 and 4600) with accuracy and speed increasing from the earliest 1600 to the later 3600/4600. A table comparing the resolutions of these machines is shown below. The older pattern generators (1600A,2600,3000) were built around the DEC PDP-8 minicomputer. The more recent PGs were built around the DEC PDP-11 minicomputer, using the 9280 interface chassis (3600/3600F) and the 9289 interface chassis (4600/4600F).

Upgrade Kit Features
  • software runs on an IBM-compatible PC under MS-DOS, typically V7.1 (Windows 9x/Me), or an equivalent (PC-DOS,DR-DOS,ROMDOS etc.). The PC currently requires at least one (1) full-size 16-bit ISA slot but this requirement may be changed as we replace the ISA bus designs.
  • for older PDP-8 based PGs, the software was completely rewritten and ported to the PC to provide a cleaner and simpler user interface.
  • for the GCA 3600/3600F, the software operates in Configuration mode to setup options and devices, then in Control mode for real time control of the pattern generator. Configuration settings are saved so that the setup process really only needs to be done once. Once in Control mode, the software will 'look and feel' exactly the same as the original PG so no additional training is required. The original mag tape storage device is replaced by a DOS file for easy backup to any local or networked drive.
  • the original VT100 user console is replaced by the display and keyboard of the PC.
  • job files can be created off-line and transferred to the PG control PC at a later date.

Upgrade Kit Selection Guide

Pattern GeneratorUpgrade Kit
Mann 1600A (standard or special) UPG1600
Mann 2600 (standard or special) UPG2600
Mann/GCA 3000 UPG3000
GCA 3600/3600F UPG3600
GCA 4600/4600F UPG4600

Mann/GCA Pattern Generator Specifications
MachineUnitsStage Position (X,Y)Aperture Height,Width (H,W)Aperture Angle (degrees)
Metric 1600A/2600mm100.0000.0000.0053.0000.0050.0058901
English 1600A/2600inches4.000000.000000.000250.12000.000250.000258901
Metric 3000mm100.0000.0000.0013.0000.0040.00189.90.00.1
English 3000inches4.000000.000000.000050.120000.0040.0000589.90.00.1
Metric 3600/4600mm+75.000-75.0000.000251.50000.0020.000589.90.00.1

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