H & L Associates provides additional software support for our pattern generator and stepper upgrade products :

  • UPGUTILS software provides bi-directional DXF-to-Mann format conversion for all pattern generators, with exposure sorting/range checking and a graphical viewer

  • For steppers (MOP versions 605.x and greater) we provide custom software to extend the command set of the MOP. Currently we offer the ability to change some MODE parameters without actually invoking the MODE command

  • For steppers, we offer job creation software so that stepper jobs can be created off-line (away from the actual stepper) and then transferred to the stepper for production

  • For Mann/GCA 3600 pattern generators, we offer TAP file creation software so that job queue files can be created off-line (away from the actual pattern generator) and then loaded by the UPG3600 MOP software in order to make a photomask.

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