UPG_POC Focus Control

Normally the interface board for 9289 based steppers comes with a built in POC (Programmable Offset Control). This allows for focus control in steppers that support the POC option. On older steppers, that use a 9280 interface chassis, the POC driver has to be added using this UPG_POC product. The UPG_POC comprises a single channel 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (Z-axis feedback), a single channel 12-bit digital-to-analog converter (focus voltage) and a single channel of digital I/O (lock/unlock the focus column). Steppers of the vintage that use a 9280 interface chassis may use PFC (stepper motor control) for focus instead of POC (voltage control).

UPG_POC : POC Driver
UPG_POC Programmable Offset Control Driver

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