UPGUTILS PG Data Conversion and Sorting

The UPGUTILS software provides support for simple ASCII text files conforming to the D. W. Mann format for the Mann 1600A, 2600, 3000 and 3600 family of pattern generators (see Pattern Generator Data Format). The software runs under plain DOS in order that it can be run on the same computer that is being used to run one of our pattern generator upgrade kits. It will also run in a command shell (DOS window) under all version of Windows (9x, XP etc.) as well as under Linux running DOSBox or DOSEmu.

The UPGUTILS software has the following features:
  • reads and writes standard Mann format ASCII text files
  • performs bi-directional conversions between DXF (Drawing Interchange Format) and Mann format files. CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) software, such as AutoCAD (®Autodesk Inc.), that supports the importing and exporting of DXF files, can then be used to design photomasks. The following DXF drawing entities are recognised and converted (with fracturing as required):

    • POINT
    • LINE
    • closed polyline defining a rectangle
    • CIRCLE
    • ARC
    • TEXT
    • aperture BLOCK

    Note that, for now, NO attempt is made to fracture irregular polygons into rectangular exposures. If you need software to do this more complex (and more expensive) task for 3000/3600 PGs, try ACS Inc.

  • sorts exposure data (in any exposure setting order) to optimise the production of a photomask

  • checks exposure data for syntax, range and resolution errors

  • allows exposure data to be viewed graphically. The graphical viewer option supports:

    • all SVGA resolutions supported by the graphics card (VGA 640x480 for Windows XP)
    • multiple simultaneous data files (layers) in multiple colours and fill patterns
    • zoom
    • pan
    • rotate/mirror
    • measure

Sample Screens

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