Stepper Upgrade Kits

GCA manufactured a number of steppers with numbers such as 3696, 4800, 5000, 6000 and 8000 or names such as ALS and AutoStep. The older steppers were built around the DEC PDP-11/04 (UNIBUS backplane) minicomputer and used a 9280 interface chassis between the computer and the stepper. The Master Operating Programs (MOPs) were designated 4.0x (4.02,4.03 etc) or 5.0x (5.02,5.03,etc.) depending on the age.

The newer steppers were built around DEC LSI-11/Micro-11 (QBUS backplane) computers and used a 9289 interface chassis between the computer and the stepper. The MOPs were designated 5.0x, 605.x or 7.x. The later steppers (MOPs 605.x,7.x) used the DEC RSX-11M+ operating system as opposed to the simpler proprietary operating systems of the earlier machines.

PC upgrade kits are available for all members of the GCA stepper family.

Upgrade Kit Features
  • software runs on an IBM-compatible PC under MS-DOS, typically V7.1 (Windows 9x/Me), or an equivalent (PC-DOS,DR-DOS,ROMDOS etc.)
  • software operates in Configuration mode to setup options and devices, then in Control mode for real time control of the stepper. Configuration settings are saved so that this process really only needs to be done once. Once in Control mode, the software will 'look and feel' exactly the same as the original stepper so no additional training is required.
  • all PDP-11 storage devices are replaced by DOS files (typically FAT32) for easy backup to any local or networked drive.
  • the VT100 user console is replaced by the display and keyboard of the PC. The user can also choose to retain the original VT100 terminal and simply connect it to a serial port of the PC.
  • stepper options (IAS,AWH,RMS etc.) can be controlled by installing additional PC serial ports
  • recent vintage steppers running RSX-11M+ can load/save files from the local PC directory when operating the stepper in Control mode. Job files can then be created off-line and transferred to the stepper control PC at a later date.

Upgrade Kit Selection Guide

MOP/Interface3696 photo-repeater4500 reticle repeater 4800 wafer stepper4801 reticle stepper 5000 series DSW6000 series wafer stepper 8000 series DSWALS200,AutoStep

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